Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Re-Enforced Update of Firmware, in case of System hang

Dear Customer,

Please get prepared with (1) less than 4GB of USB memory card (do not use “Sandisk”), and (2) Windows-XP OS computer.
Please do follow this way to upgrade the firmware.

1. Please down-load the latest firmware from here and Store this at USB Storage
>> http://livetv36524.com/data_center/fw/boom/i200v130829u.fw
2. And down-load this files and unzip to USB Storage or to Win-XP computer.
>> http://livetv36524.com/data_center/files/enforcedFWupgrade.zip

3. Open “SV8860” file with Win-XP (OS limited only for Win-XP) computer and Insert the USB with firmware above.

4. Press “SCAN” from SV8860 software and check USB Disk Size.

5. Allocate the firmware from the USB and select to open.
    (select i200v130829u version)

6. Check if the Firmware is well allocated.

7. Write with “GO” button and proceed the “Re-Enforced FW building process”.

If the result goes this way, then it means “succeeded:.
Error Code, Sub Error Code = 0, 0
Status = Process Done !!

8. Keep the Set-Top Box turned off (do not turn on yet), and 1st insert USB into the USB Slot of box, and then press “FW” hole with a Sharp Pencil or a Stick.

9. Keep the FW hole pressed (do not release the FW button), please turn-on the box until the screen comes up in about 20 seconds.

10. After re-booting (overall time is 1 min for rebooting), the upgrading job is done, and then you can check the FW version as below.
-> Please check FW Version => Setting >> About >> Build number = i200v130829u.fw
-> and Storage available => Setting >> Storage = about 230~270MB

If any questions, please feel free to ask.

Livetv36524 Team 

New FW release..

Dear Box Users,

New F/W link for your downloading for network troubled users is given as below. Please use this. Thank you,


Livetv36524 Team

Monday, April 15, 2013

Troubleshoot - Video Flickering, No-Video, Video Freezing

Dear Customers, 

Boomtv receives a lot of calls for 

   ---- no-Video or improper Video shown on screen

And we found these have something to do with TV resolution setting. 


Please follow this way for a troubleshoot. 

HOME >> SETTING >> HDMI Resolution >> Change setting (Auto >> 1080i or 720p) 

** 50Hz / 60Hz setting can be decided by TV set you are using 

Thank you, 

BoomTV Support (boomtv911@gmail.com) 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

troubleshoot to solve - "Access is denied, please contact where you bought?"

Dear Customers,

First, thank you very much for your buying BoomTV.

(1) In case of new buy, then wait until it upgrades all the application SW, and then press "delete" and re-enter or reboot the box, then it would bring all the screen and channels back.
(2) In case of existing box in use for days/weeks/months/years and you suddenly see this or you upgraded new FW lately, then pls follow this way for troubleshooting.

  1) press FW button from remote
  2) save FW 
(i200v130308u) to internal memory (or USB memory)
3) upgrade with the newly downloaded FW 
4) will reboot and upgrade some software and will bring everything back to normal

Hope it works good to solve your issue.
In case not, pls advise again. 

Thank you, 

Support Team - boomtv911@gmail.com

Friday, March 8, 2013

FW release (i200v130308u) for Boom-TV

Dear Customers,

BoomTV releases new firmware for

** New FW (i200v130308u) is relesed, pls download pressing FW button w/Remote and upgrade. Enjoy.

Thank you very much **

Boom Support Team (boomtv911@gmail.com)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Advertise Your business thru BoomTV

Hello Valued Customers,

BoomTV launched a feature which can broadcast your company. Please advise your demand to your distributors or email to support@boomtv.co for the broadcasting purposes.

Thank you,

BoomTV Support Team (boomtv911@gmail.com)